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Michael Wished and Caught a 8.2oz Trophy Bass

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Michael Wished 8.2oz Trophy Bass

Michael fished not one day, but two with BassOnline on Lake Okeechobee. He brought his brothers, fathers and mothers they were all a blast. While our goal was to really focus on getting Michael that trophy bass, he was more concerned with his father and brother catching fish. WOW, what a time for anyone not be selfish. We equally would all were very happy to see him catch each fish. While Michael is the youngest child in North America to have colon cancer and deals every momont with it, he never seem to lose the filling of being a child. When most others would have been focused just on the bobbers going down, he was happy for other reasons. Not distracted by the fishing, he was enjoying catching shiner out of the livewell as much as setting the hook.

Make-A-Wish Fishing Team Over the two days they caught 60 plus bass, as the fish gods would have it. While revisiting the fun times over the last two days of fishing with his dad, the last bobber with the very last shiner starts to go under. I called for Michael to get the rod, the line was peeling off as fast as I have ever seen it. Michael grabbed the rod and with no hesitation started reeling, as the line tighten he set the hook with prefect forum, as if it would be his last time. The rod bent almost in two, we had to do everything to keep him from falling out of the boat. We all yelled reel, reel as his trophy dance several times on the surface. As the bass approached the boat with one single motion we dipped it up and “his wish came true”!

Michael on the last bait, last day, last fish lands his very own 8 lb trophy bass as if it was planned that way along.

By Bryan LaVigne

Executive Director of Make A WishMicheal of Make A Wish

Posted February 17, 2005

Thanks so much for the bait & taxidermy mount for Michael. He had a great time and his prize bass arrived at his house safely. Your donation allows us to reduce our expenses. Every dollar we save will help us grant future wishes to children living with life threatening medical conditions.

I continue to be moved each time I hear about how the wish experience effects those children, children like Michael.

His Mom shared how much his wish meant to him in a recent letter to the foundation. “Thank You”. I could say this a hundred times and it would not be enough to show my appreciation. The joy and happiness you brought to our son is something that I our family will always be grateful for. Our trip gave our whole family a chance to forget about all of the negative things we have to deal
with on a daily basis. It also gave Michael the chance to be able to act like a normal child with out all of the worries that are attached to his illness. Because of you I will always be grateful to everyone who made it possible.”

For a child with a life-threatening medical condition there is nothing like the power of a wish. And for their families, that in and of itself is a precious gift.

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