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Florida fresh water fishing report

Hey everybody this is the Florida fresh water fishing report with Capt Brett
Hi there. This is Capt Brett Isackson. Here’s your Florida fresh water fishing report for today. Today I had repeat customer come into town, and wanted to get away, and do a little Everglades fishing haven’t seen them for about 2 years, and they was down here visiting and I told them that the Everglades might be a possibility if that’s where he wanted to head out to so we went out to the glades today, and we caught about 40 fish today majority of it came off a live bait. We did have some artificial fishing first thing in the morning with some top water frogs working them quick, and then we dropped back to using live bait for the kids and everything we caught about like I said about 40 fish anywhere from 2 pounds up to about three and a half four pounds. It was good for a short splash dash day today, Give me a call and Let’s go do some fishing For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to bassonline.com This is Capt Brett tight lines until next time.