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Harris Chain Bass Fishing Guide Capt Steve Niemoeller

This is your Harris Chain Bass Fishing Guide Capt Steve Niemoeller, over bye lees burg villages area i took Don his wife Marianne and they down from Pennsylvania they’re down trying out the villages see how they like it over in that area and might be thinking about spending quite a few months down here during the winter and so they decided they want to go out fishing there on the Harris chain and we went out it was pretty chilly real chilly we weren’t sure if we was fishing in Florida or back up in Pennsylvania where they’re from but we went out got a few fish don was kind of excited when he learned that i know one of his old high school classmates back years ago and i had met him through my time running around on the road and everything i met this guy and he said something about him and i just happen to know who he was and actually text the picture of don holding up a fish and he sent back want to know if we was ice fishing since it was so cold here in Florida it was a treat to learn somebody that many miles away and learn you know each other but i’m looking forward to going again sometime it was very very cold when we started there and we fished the canal to get in and out of the wind and then after the sun finally came up and got it warmed up just a little bit this has been your Harris Chain Bass Fishing Guide Capt Steve Niemoeller for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to bassonline.com we will take care of it thank you.

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