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Florida Fishing Guide Capt Mark Rose

hello this is your Florida Fishing Guide Capt Mark Rose with a fishing report for my afternoon trip with Amanda and her husband from Toronto Canada, they never been on lake Okeechobee, and it sure was a good one, fishing was really good today, our main bait of choice was artificial and shiners, we fished shiners and it was really good, and after we ran out of the shiners we went back into some of the flats and caught lot of fish on plastics, we threw zoom flukes, and speed warms, it didn’t matter what the color of the bait was just lot of moving bait, so fishing was really good, the water temperature’s about 74 degrees, that’s about it for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline this has been your Florida Fishing Guide Capt Mark Rose creating memories one fish at a time thank you.