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Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Capt Robert Miley

this is your Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Capt Robert Miley, and i’m just leaving lake Ida and i had a 3 party Norman and his buddies down here fishing and they wanted to catch some nice peacock bass and they had one of those phenomenal days they got over 25 peacock bass nice large peacock bass plus we got lots of small ones and probably caught that many largemouth we didn’t take pictures of the largemouth because they wanted the peacock bass it was a phenomenal trip i told them mark it down in their book it doesn’t happen all the time but they had a great time they’re all retired they’re down here playing golf and having fun and the temperature is 78 degrees and water temperature was 74 it was 66 when i put in and it was really windy what made it really nice with my trolling motor was riding the spots where i didn’t have to move you sat there and fished and the fish were right there and when you have to fight to wind with the trolling motor it really puts you in a bind but we were right there we were able to fish really good and we got the fish kind of one right after the other and they’re looking forward to coming back this is Capt Robert Miley having a great day fishing see you on the next trip bye now.

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