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South Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Brett Isackson

Hello everyone this is your South Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Brett Isackson with my fishing report, What a great three days I had on the water with Justin, Tyler, and their father Don we started our adventures on Lake Ida for the first two days at Lake Ida we chased after peacock bass. We had great success throwing a lot of artificial lures at the peacock bass biggest one for the two days I’m going to say was about 3 pounds our final day on the water we decided to go up to Lake Okeechobee. We caught several fish between 5 and 6 pounds the big one may have got away. Can’t really say cuz it fell back into the water so we never got a chance to put it on the scale and weigh it but my guess it was over 6 pounds. but What a great awesome 3 days I spent with the family looking forward to seeing them again tight lines Captain Brett Isackson.