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Coming up to Summer Patterns on the Kissimee chain

Hey guys, Capt Tony Summers here with your Lake Kissimee fishing report. I had a great day on the water today fishing with Mel, and his son Chase out of Michigan. We caught 16 or 17 fish today. We’re kind of moving out of springtime It’s about over, We’re coming up to Summer Patterns on the Kissimmee chain, The chain is in a little bit of a funk got a bunch of rain so fishing some of that moving water, fish are starting to get packed up, getting a few bigger groups now, so we’re definitely catching better numbers, at least every day a good 4 or 5 pounder or bigger. having a lot of fun with it, its starting to get a little hot you know sunny days, and temps getting up in the high seventies now so hopefully getting late spring early summer patterns where the fish move out into the deeper water and stay, so yeah pretty good day on the water so until next time fish on.

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