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Light Tackle Peacock Bass Sight Fishing

Hello, This is Capt Robert E Miley from Sunny, South, Florida out on Lake Ida. fishing has Been great today little slower than yesterday, But it was great. We did some different things and we’ve got about 15 peacocks, The bite was just a little bit off, but we did something different. We just totally did Peacock Bass sight fishing cruising around, he wanted to do Light Tackle Peacock Bass Fishing, and we got some really nice Peacock bass and course Alan lost some nice ones using light tackle 6 pound test they wrapped around the polls and stuff, but that’s what he wanted to fish that noodle rod. But when he got a big one on it looks like he had a whale on but it was fun watching him do that I was almost inspired me to go get a rod to do that, but it was fun he’s heading back. He is retired railroad conductor, and he enjoyed fishing And I want to thank Alan for coming down and fishing 2 days with me we had an outstanding 2 days And we’ll see you on the flip flop, may you’re drag scream and your pole be bent all the way home, the weather it was bright and Sunny it was 64 when I left the house water temperature was 76, and it is now. 85 feels like 100, and it was windy so we had a high pressure day the fish were a little bit off they shut down a little bit after lunch, and started up again, anyway Capt Miley out Bye.