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Incredible Bass Fishing Trip On Lake Okeechobee

Capt Mark Shepard here with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks the last 3 days I got to spend some time with long time clients Dustin and Colin been with me for a long long time great guys. We hit the perfect storm, weather coming in, fronts coming in, everything was just right and we absolutely smashed them. The third day was a little bit slow but we still caught them up to 7 pounds and still saw good numbers. The first 2 days were just off the charts, huge numbers of fish over 5 pounds and just non stop action as fast as we can go.

We were doing all live bait and after we ran out of live bait we did a little bit of artificial and caught some that way too. What an incredible 3 days, the weather coming together with the moon phase and everything was just right and it was a slug fest. This is Capt Mark Shepard, all the best everybody.