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Peacock Bass Fishing In South Florida

This is Capt Tony Masiello with BassOnline in South Florida, this is my Peacock Bass fishing report. The bite has been really good, in the morning we have been using live bait, and putting some pretty good numbers in the boat. Once the sun gets up high they have been moving up onto the shelves, which makes for some exciting sight fishing. This past trip I had a client boat one of the largest Peacock Bass that was ever caught in my boat, it was 7 pounds 10 ounces. My forecast for the up coming week looks pretty good the bite should be great the bass are still in their spawn and should be coming up onto the shelves as the sun rises, with a good shiner bite in the morning. For all your freshwater fishing adventures to go BassOnline, this has been Capt Tony Masiello with your Peacock Bass fishing report, creating memories one fish at a time.