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Striped Bass And Largemouth Bass Fishing Trip

This is Capt Steve with the report for the last couple days, fishing with Asa and Buggs out on the St Johns River. Asa is from down here and Buggs is from up in Indiana, matter of fact Buggs and I knew a lot of the same old people that we use to race dirt cars against and everything up there. We had a lot in common to talk about the last couple days and we even ended up catching some fish, we had between the stripers and the bass yesterday around 15 and today about the same.We went south yesterday morning and caught some strippers in the main river and then went and ran some shiners under the matts and caught some bass there.

This morning we took off and ran up to the Lake George area. We got up there and caught some largemouth and some stripers there in the jettys of Lake George, they were busting on the shad that were coming through. That was a lot of fun and then we went back down south in the afternoon and caught some more fish back up underneath the matts, after the sun got really high we went and caught some more stripers they were busting everywhere right in the heat of the day following the shad.

We had a good time a lot of fun I hope to see them guys again, they are regulars with BassOnline. They have been out with Mark Shepard, Jason Young, and John Leech, on the other lakes around and this time they decided to take a trip on the St Johns RiverThis is Capt Steve with the fishing report, for any one else out there for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to bassonline thank you.