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Bass Fishing On Johns Lake

This is Capt John Leech today I fished with Tommy Dorsey. He loves going up to Johns Lake we got up there and the fish were schooling and they were hungry. We caught quite a few anyways we had a great time I cant wait to go fishing with him again. Anyways for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline thank you.

Johns Lake

Johns Lake is in North Park a little northwest of Orlando. The main species of fish anglers target are the largemouth Bass, Crappie and bluegill. With the combination of Bass and Panfish it offers a chance to catch a trophy sportfish and a tasty meal. While it produces trophy fish it has very little pressure throughout the week. Making this for a more relaxing and enjoyable trip. Despite the building of high dollar homes along the shoreline, there is plenty of cover for the fish from weedbeds to rocky structures and coral like rock formations on the lake bottom.