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The Falls Canal System Peacock Bass Fishing

Hello this is Capt Robert Miley with a fishing report for The Falls. I had an awesome day of Peacock bass fishing with Mike and his son Dawson. We caught about 25 fish up to about 4 pounds. They were hiding down deep, but we managed to catch some really nice ones. The water temp was about 93 the air temp felt like it was a 100 it was hot out there. The fish sure are enjoying it though. Anyways for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline thank you.

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Fishing For Peacock Bass

While fishing in clear water you may view a few bedding along the shelves in the canals. Peacocks can be very picky when it comes to what they will bite. But by using their aggressive nature against them, you maybe able to initiate a territorial response. Good lures to use for this are spinner baits and simple jigs. Be careful not to alert them of your presence, sound or shadow they could spook. You can ether cast pass the spot and as it enters the bed, slow it down and bounce it a few times. Or you can pitch it right on top of the bed. With ether style it might take a few casts to fully enrage them enough to commit to the bite. If you want to make it a little more exciting try using light tackle and rods.

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