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A Few Trips Bass Fishing In Central Florida

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Hi this is Capt John Leech and well we have had a heck of a week. This week we had a seven pound bass a four and a eight pound bass. We did pretty good on numbers up until Sunday. Since then it got a little tough on us. Maybe it is saving up some some big fish next week. For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline thank you.

Orlando Bass Fishing

Central Florida waterways hold some of the largest bass in the state of Florida off of the main spawn season. While some areas have more pressure than others. You can still find isolated and peaceful spots with monster bass lurking just below the surface and it can happen in a split second from calm waters to tight lines. Once you get your feet wet hunting these predators and go into the skills and techniques used to land one of these fish and the years of experience some Captains have and are willing to share is amazing. So you can spend the next few years learning almost everything. Then fish with another angler and realize you still have much to learn.

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