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Peacock Bass Fishing Trip In Palm Beach

Hello this is Robert Miley im up here at Lake Ida just finishing up a trip.
I had Scot and his son Dillan out fishing with me, Scot brought his son over to catch some Peacock Bass and they did.
They caught some nice ones even though the weather was super hot outside.
Scott is a Capt his boat is called Fish&Tails out of Fort Myers he does private tours for fishing and diving.
They had a great time they came over to catch strickly peacock, the biggest was almost 5 pounds with several in the 3 to 4 pound range.
Water temp is in the 90s I dont know how hot the air temp is my dash is saying 76 but I know its hotter than that cause you cant touch anything.
The fish were biting awesome we caught so many I lost count and he said he wants to do it again next time.
Another congrats to Scott he caught a big peacock and it really ran some line off, for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline.