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SouthEast Florida Bass Fishing With Capt Tony Masiello

Hey everybody this is Tony Masiello with BassOnline this is my fishing report for the past few days.

Iv been spending alot of time in miami fishing for peacock bass they have been hitting mainly live bait with a variety of some topwater baits and walking baits.

When they come up schooling you can always pick up a rod and fire it in on them and they will crush it but for the main bite its been live bait.

I have been fishing in the falls area the Airport area which is called the Blue Lagoon and also Lake Ida.

Now for the Everglades the largemouth are hiding deep down in holes in about 25 feet or better.

Your gonna want to throw big worms like a texas rig or anything on a shaky head.

Just work it slow and be patient for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to bassonline.