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Florida Peacock Fishing Quest

Florida Peacock Fishing Quest

Palm Beach County is the perfect location to catch peacock bass. Florida Fishing this amazing place will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Don’t miss out on a Florida Peacock Fishing Quest while visiting this state with your family.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Thom and his sons Colton and Connor and their Uncle John. They wanted to explore what Lake Ida had to offer them. Peacock Bass Fishing was something they most certainly wanted to experience.

Weather conditions were absolutely perfect on this fishing trip. Light winds and sun out of the east helped promote for an excellent bite.

Thom, Colton and John had a great time out on the water. They were able to catch over 50 peacock bass. The average fish weighed from 2 to 4 pounds.

We love being able to bring families and show them an awesome time fishing. You can’t beat this South Florida Fishing action and season is right around the corner. I am looking forward to fishing with you, creating memories, one fish at a time!

Come Catch Yours with Captain Mike Groshon on Lake Ida .

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