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Outstanding Blue Lagoon Fishing

Outstanding Blue Lagoon Fishing

Outstanding Blue Lagoon Fishing is a great way to experience what Florida Fishing has to offer. This Lagoon is also known as Airport Lakes and is closely located to the Miami International Airport. Peacock Bass Fishing has been excellent this year.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Steven and his son John traveling from Ontario Canada. Fishing the Airport Lakes is a unique way to catch peacock bass and they wanted to go after it. A cold front and full moon were in effect on this trip.

It was a decent afternoon and an outstanding trip that could not be beat. We did not catch a lot of fish but some great quality. 10 peacock bass made it to the boat on our quick trip with the best weighing 5 pounds. John was super excited to catch such a great fish.

Quality bass like this is always a great way to end and start a year off right. Once the sun came out the bass began to bite steady. Water and air temperatures were at 75 degrees.

I am looking forward to fishing with them again in the future. Come on down south and catch you some of these amazing exotic peacock bass.

Come Catch Yours with Captain Robert Miley on beautiful Blue Lagoon.

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