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Here are some of the other things you may see or catch while on your trip.
Everglades Warmouth
Everglades Redear
Everglades BluegillEverglades Crappie

 While fishing in the Florida Everglades you may have the opportunity to catch any one of these other Everglades species. With some of the standard techniques that we use you will automatically catch additional species other than largemouth bass.

If you would also like to target any specific species pictured here or not on this page, you can so at no additional charge. Please mention this when reserving your reservation or to your guide at the dock. Everglades fishing is very diverse, from the shallow back country grass flats, to the outside islands and canal systems.

The water fluctuate in depth through out most of the year forcing us to fish the outer perimeter canal system at times, although it may not sound as glamorous it can and has produced some of the best fishing adventures to date.

Also while your out on your fishing adventure you can count on seeing lots of the Florida gators sunning or visiting looking for a snack. Please no feeding or catching of the alligators. There are also many different types of birds to watch for in between your hook sets and yes, a couple of snakes!

But one the most memorable things about the Everglades species is its wonderful sunrises and sunsets, truly breath taking at times hope you get to experience with us!

Everglades AlligatorEverglades HerringEverglades Hawk

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