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Okeechobee Reports

Okeechobee Fishing Reports

Lake Okeechobee

Okeechobee Water Level

Okeechobee Water Level

The season on Okeechobee, which happens to be theclick here spawning season goes from the full moon in November thru May. That’s right, around 6 months. The peak of the season is between January and April. Why so long of a spawning season, simply because there are so many fish!

The post-spawn is from May thru July, it can be some of the best times, the action is very good, the number of fish are good and it all turns at once. Starting September the lake starts a pre-spawn when the fish start schooling on shad, which continues thru November. This is also a great time to visit, the fish are aggressive and the size continues to grow daily as the fish move in off the open lake. The one thing that’s different about Okeechobee than the other Florida lakes is it’s more predictable and big fish can be caught more consistently and all year long. Topwater, spinner baits, rattletraps, senkos and 10″ worms all work very well.  Because the lake is generally shallower then most, topwater lures consistently work year around. Live bait, as usual, is very productive for more reliable producing of trophy size bass.

Tight lines and good fishing, Please check out the photos page for pictures from recent trips…

May your pole get bent and your net wet!

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