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Stick Marsh Fishing Reports

Stick Marsh Fishing Report

Stick Marsh Fishing Reports for Farm 13

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Created in 1987, the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 Reservoir is synonymous with trophy bass fishing. Became one of the hottest bass lakes in the country during the past decade. The artificial fishing is excellent most all year long. Chug Bugs and Senkos produce the most fish. Plenty of Lunker bass are always being caught on shiners. Remember the Florida bass like it hot, so come on down and take advantage of the best summer bass fishing.  July through September is generally the best bass fishing with artificial baits on the Stick Marsh/Farm 13. The Bass are fattening up after the spawn and very aggressive, schooling and chasing bait most of the time. The key to success on Stick Marsh is locate fish, then stay and work and rework the area. Patience is a serious issue during the summer.
Key things to look for on the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 are currents either caused by pumps, spillways, and/or wind.
Hydrilla banks on edges of boat trails hold many fish and depending on the time of year will fall victim to plastics or crank baits. Spawn occurs here over a relatively long period. Outstanding fishing due to pre-spawn and spawn can be expected from January to May with the largest spawn activity during the months of March and April. Bedding areas are usually found in open water as water
depths are generally 5 feet, or less. These waters have many stumps and branches under water and these areas make for ideal bedding areas for the Bass. The water clarity is not generally clear enough to sight fish, but on occasion it has been done.

Typical tackle would be bait casting or spinning outfits with a minimum of 14-pound line, we prefer Stren Super braid because of the wood and tight a mono leader if needed. Baits consist of many
different plastics like senkos, crank baits, and top water lures. Carolina rigged plastics are by far the largest producer year around with a major emphasis on running or moving water. When current is found placing the lure in the current and just twitching it will produce the most fish. Texas rigged plastics jerked across hydrilla mats and allowed to sink into holes produce some of our largest bass.

Live bait, as usual, is very productive for more consistently producing trophy size bass year around. This is what most of the guides service are going to recommend. No matter what you are seeking, large quantities of quality bass, artificial or livebait you do it on Stick Marsh/Farm 13.

May your pole get bent and your net wet!

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