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Lake Toho Fishing Report

Lake Toho Fishing Reports

Lake Toho

The season on Lake Toho is very similar to most of the Central Florida Big Lakes. Lake Toho is the highest pressured lake in the Central Florida chain of lakes. Best known for it’s big fish stringer that was caught be Dean R. in a BassMaster 150 event in 2001. The lake has went through a drawdown, drought, and flooding since that event. While the lake is well promoted and heavily fished, this lakes is your closest option from Disney.click here

 Anytime in February or March are great times for the bigger size bass on Lake Toho. The pre-spawn is a little less predictable do to the cold fronts, although the post-spawn is pretty good on this lake. It has lots of Kissimmee grass, with good amounts of fish cover.
This lake has big homes and several locations to stop and get lunch if so desired. Central Florida Toho chain has the capacity to produce very good numbers, but is slowly coming back to also provide the capability of producing the double digit trophy bass we all looking wanting. Lake Toho is a lake for artificial lures as well as shiner fishing. You have the option of learning one of the most popular fishing techniques, which is  flipping. Using crank baits, Carolina rigging, topwater, spinner baits, rattletraps, senkos, frogs and 10″ worms all work very well. Live bait, as usual, is very productive for more consistently producing trophy size bass year around!

Tight lines and good fishing!

Please check out the Lake Toho page for more information.

May your pole get bent and your net wet!

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