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Florida Lake Water Levels

This feed of Lake Okeechobee provides via satellite pump & water flows around Lake Okeechobee including all depth changes.


Do to new US Army Corps of Engineers policy we no long can display the current water levels here.

US Army Corps of Engineers Okeechobee water levels

 Florida waterways have been in the news a lot recently. Lake water levels increased to a very high elevation after hurricane season and really very depending on North, Central or South Florida. Levels are lowered primarily via the only available outlets, to coastal estuaries, canals, creeks and streams. Unfortunately, these discharges can be very damaging to at times. The plus side of the water flow is bass love to feed in it. Use these graphs for your local area to help determine the flow patterns and water levels. When reading this information also realize Florida water released can cause navigation hazers on the structural integrity of the aging trees and other surroundings. Water levels can be confusing and conflicting at times.

Today, most lakes, rivers and canals are used to store water and move water from flood zones. Historically, there are many more natural storage areas in central and south Florida. Now, most of these wetlands and uplands have been developed, leaving far fewer places to store rain. In lieu of these, it is stored in the closet and biggest locations. However, this additional water can be harmful to some lake’s ecology.

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