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Planning a corporate function or group trip?

Here’s why you should choose us for your next outing:

Bass Online (Hawghunter’s) differs significantly from ordinary guide services in that a team approach is used to achieve the common goal of delivering clients the best possible fishing experience. Much like the successful business units of Rolando Martin Marina Groupmany corporations, our professional guides coordinate their efforts and pull together as a team to ensure success on the water. All of our guides knows his role and responsibility, which is to make sure that we deliver a superior service.
Everglade Fishing Group | Okeechobee Group TripIt’s an all-business approach that to some might appear excessive, but because we take this more serious then most, you and your group can relax and be confident your needs and expectations will be met.

Traditionally, fishing guides are very independent, looking out for themselves only and often are so consumed with the pressures of being an independent in a highly competitive market, that they lose sight of their mission and responsibility to their clients.  When it comes to serving the critical needs of corporate clients, there is no comparison. Without the resources of a group like us, relying on an individual guide to plan and coordinate a corporate group trip can result in a very costly failure, because no matter how well connected he may tell you he is, the independent hangs everything on the hope he can scramble together a team of respectable (fishing buddies) guides to serve your needs and even it successful,Another Lake Okeechobee Success Story! they then have to find enough fish for the entire group. Yes, we said the entire group. Because one are two people catching fish is NOT a success story for us.

We are always in place and ready to serve you.  Settling for less can be disastrous. Your deserving company employees could end up paying the price of a bad day on the water. Worse, important clients could be left wondering why better care wasn’t taken by their host to ensure a pleasant and positive experience.

Larger Florida bass fishing groupIn summing up, our approach ensures you the full power of a team is on your side, whether you need a single guide for a day or the whole team to host two dozen anglers over a weekend.

Were the states largest and ONLY guide service with a full time staff large enough to provide what you need!

Here’s a list of things we can provide:

Transportation – We can arrange for limos, vans or Buses to pick your group up at any location.Rated #1 by Forbes!

  1. Boats – We offer you enough boats to get your group on the water and back safely. All boats are fully rigged bass boats, complete with a professional guide,  licensed and Insured and high quality tackle.
  2. Catering – We can also arrange to have a caterer serve a great lunch, or make reservations at a restaurant or marina on the lake or provide box lunches like Subway on the water so everyone can keep fishing.
  3. Tournament Style Trips – We can set up a trip like a tournament with a weigh in stand. Each boat with a guide can fish with live bait, or artificial lures and bring back fish to the weigh-in stand. This always helps to promote team work and competition between groups and friends.
  4. Trophies – We can also have your trip set up for trophies for first and second place, big fish and smallest fish or anything else you can think of. All trophies can have your company logo, or family name, date and a photo of the winner holding their trophy fish.
  5. Full, 3/4 and Half Day Trips – We can arrange the trip to fit into your schedule. We can fish a half day in the morning (am) or afternoon (pm), or a full day trip with a break for lunch.
  6. Accommodations – We can also set up accommodations for your group provided you make your reservation in ample time.
  7. Photo’s and Video – We can also arrange for your trip to be video taped and/or photographed, providing memories to last a lifetime. Call us today toll free at 1-888-629-BASS and let us help you set up your next Corporate outing, or Family Reunion trip. It will be a great time for everyone.

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