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Our Guarantee to you!

There are a lot of guide services that give you a lot of promises but no guarantees, and there are those guide services that say guarantees are just cheap gimmicks. We say a guarantee provides a professional courtesy to our

Five Star Guarantee

Five Star Guarantee

customer to show credibility in its given industry.  Let’s face the facts, if you’re a full time professional in the industry you should be able to catch fish in any given condition. Yes, some days the fish just don’t cooperate.  We know this, but this is when we feel the value of qualified, professional guide services can and will make the difference.

A guarantee of “no fish, no pay” is our policy. If you fish often, you know this is marketing to get business, but you also know that in order for us to honor this we have be very comfortable and confident that we have the experience and the skills to adjust to any conditions if the fish just are not biting.  Ultimately, we want to guarantee your satisfaction and results.

Florida Bass Fishing Couple

Florida Bass Fishing Couple

We guarantee you the best possible results that day, and we can guarantee that we will work harder to provide you the very best service to make your fishing trip a very memorable one.

When you make a reservation with us, you can rest assured that you will not have to wonder what you are getting yourself into.  What kind of guide you will get?  We try to take the guesswork out of choosing us over the others by offering you this guarantee and it’s only because we are that confident in our fishing ability and that you deserve our commitment that you will be satisfied with our service.

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