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Lake Kissimmee Fishing

  Come experience Lake Kissimmee fishing where were ultimate goal is a trophy bass, not as hard as it seems because Lake Kissimmee is rated one of Florida’s best bass lakes.

We are the premier Lake Kissimmee Fishing Guide Service on Lake Kissimmee. Come enjoy a day in Central Florida where the fishing at its best in the winter, but good year-round. We are the recommended fishing guides of choice for Lake Kissimmee fishing when visiting near Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studio’s, Islands of Adventure, Sea World and other Central Florida attractions located in Orlando, Florida.


Lake Kissimmee Fishing

Lake Kissimmee has had many great moments, but none may be greater than the 2006 BASSMaster Classic which was won by Luke Clausen, a 27-year old professional from Spokane Valley, Wash., jumped to the lead with a Bassmaster Classic one-day catch record of 29 pounds, six ounces. He staked himself to nearly a five-pound lead on Day Two and facing hellish weather conditions Sunday on Lake Kissimmee, held off the field with a five-fish limit that weighed 11-13.

Clausen’s consistent performance resulted in a record three-day total of 56pounds, two ounces all while fishing on Lake Kissimmee, and earned him victory in the 36th annual Classic. He also pocketed the $500,000 first prize that accompanies the win.

Lake Kissimmee Information

Lake Kissimmee is a 34,948-acre lake located 40 miles south of Orlando and 18 miles east of Lake Wales. Late spring/early summer can be a good time to enjoy some outstanding success while fishing for bass on Lake Kissimmee. Warmer water temperatures during this period will help increase bass foraging activity which should relate to good fishing. Likely places for anglers to try their luck will be the south shore of Brahma Island, native vegetation communities (knotgrass, maidencane, lily-pads, and bulrush) around 7-Palms in North Cove, Philadelphia Point, Lemon Point and around the mouth of Tiger Cove.

Lake Kissimmee Fishing Buddy

Lake Kissimmee Fishing Buddy

Live bait (golden shiners) fished in these areas will account for some good action. For anglers who prefer to do battle with artificial lures, a wide variety of baits will produce some enjoyable days on the water. Spinnerbaits with white and chartreuse skirts are reliable baits to use during this time of year. Along with spinnerbaits, lip-less crankbaits (chrome or bone-colored with rattles), soft-bodied jerkbaits (grass and Arkansas shiner colored), minnow-type and top-water propeller lures are proven baits for bass. Baitfish (shad) will be congregating in open-water during the period and will undoubtedly have bass in and around these baitfish schools looking for a quick meal. Throwing lip-less crankbaits through these baitfish schools can produce some fast and furious action.

Spawning activity by panfish, especially bluegill will get into full swing during these months. Typically, anglers try to plan their trips to coincide with the full and new moon phases when fish are more congregated in shallow water. If clear water conditions prevail, groups of small depressions in the sandy bottom in shallow water can be found which indicates bedding activity by these fish. Live bait (crickets or red wigglers) fished on the bottom (split-shot sinker placed 5-6 inches above the bait) will account for many good stringers and exciting days on the water. Anglers typically have good success fishing in the lily-pads on the southwest ends of Brahma and Bird Islands and along the shoreline bordering the Kissimmee River State Park.

There are quite a few fish certainly 10-pound and above however most bass caught will vary from two to five pounds, with a liberal number of five to seven pounders mixed in for good measure. A particularly pleasing bonus for those fishing here is the impressive number and size of chain pickerel. Other pluses include copious and healthy black crappie, bluegill, shell cracker, and catfish. The roster of forage fish encompasses the shiner, shad, killifish, silversides and glass minnows. Grass shrimp and eels also contribute to a varied gamefish menu.

Additional information on Lake Kissimmee Fishing, Wildlife and Fish Camps:

Those who enjoy wildlife frequently see eagles and ospreys, plus a wide variety of wading birds, alligators and, if lucky, a deer or wild turkey grazing onshore. To see more and read our complete Lake Kissimmee fishing reports click here. 

Lake Kissimmee Fishing

There are two great launching ramps when going Lake Kissimmee fishing. One is located at the new end of the lake on the river at Camp Mack’s fish camp or near the south end Grape Hammock Fish Camp, while the Kissimmee State Park launching ramp is in good condition, parking spaces are limited.

Because the lake historically has enjoyed relative anonymity, Kissimmee is currently unpressured compared to Lake Toho. But, as word spreads through bass fishing circles, look for increased visitation.

Central Florida offers not only Lake Toho which is the most popular lake of the Kissimmee Chain but the fame Stick Marsh – Farm13 fishery as well as the trophy bass lake Walk in Water.

We cover the entire Central and South Florida regions when it comes to fishing, no one does this like us. We have the credentials and creditably to back it up. Don’t be fooled by some imposture with a saltwater boat, claiming to be a bass fisherman. You know the difference, don’t be sold short!

Your Lake Kissimmee fishing vacation is much too important to be left to chance and they shouldn’t be. Whether your visit in Central Florida is a vacation or business trip it is a “once in a lifetime” event, or you are an “old pro”, either way, make sure you rely on a guide service that is qualified to meet your needs puts your success as a priority. The success of your trip is measured by the memories and pictures you carry home with you, not the money you pay your guide. We know our success revolves around your happiness, is the heart of our business and we will care for you accordingly.

We also have a full photo album and testimonials of the fish caught by our customers. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, click here to book your Florida guides, or get detailed trip information. 

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