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Lake Walk in Water

 Come experience Orlando bass fishing on “Weohyakapka” Lake Walk in Water, one of Florida’s best trophy bass lakes.

Lake Walk in Water Fishing

Lake Walk in Water Fishing

We are the premier Central Florida Fishing Guide Service. Enjoy a day in Orlando Florida where the fishing at its best. We are the recommended Lake Walk in Water fishing guide service of choice, located near Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studio’s, Islands of Adventure, Sea World and other Orlando Florida attractions located in Central Florida.

Lake Weohyakapka commonly known as Lake Walk-in-Water, this 7,528-acre lake is located south of State Route 60, 10 miles east of Lake Wales off Walk-in-the-Water Road in Polk County. The predominant vegetation is cattail, bulrush (buggy whips), Kissimmee grass, and hydrilla. Tiger Creek flows in from the southwest and Weohyakapka Creek flows from the north end of the lake. The maximum depth is 12 feet. Nationally known for trophy largemouth bass fishing, Lake Walk-in-Water provides both large numbers and trophy size bass fishing. Drifting live shiners over offshore hydrilla is the most consistent technique, but many bass is caught on artificial as well, particularly topwater lures. There is a county boat ramp on the west shore at the end of Boat Landing Road.

Don’t be surprised if you have not heard of this lake, you will start hearing more about Lake Weohyakapka (A.K.A. Lake Walk In Water), Polk County’s largest body of water and “best-kept fishing secret”. While conversation amongst anglers frequently centers on lakes like Okeechobee, Kissimmee, Toho, and the Everglades, Lake Walk-In-Water has quietly and consistently churned out magnificent catches of largemouth bass.

Walk in Water Fishing Map

Walk in Water Fishing Map

It’s not unusual for Florida’s Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission (FWC) staff to receive reports of individual anglers landing and releasing anywhere from 15 to 30 fish per day, even during the hot, humid months of summer when bass commonly sulk in deeper waters while attempting to stay cool.

On a clear day when the surface is smooth, a person can clearly see the lake’s bottom structure, even without polarized sunglasses. Spring fed, Lake Walk-In-Water receives few pollutants from urbanized or agricultural runoffs because of a scarcity of housing developments and an absence of husbandry operations along its shores. Vegetation consists of 15 to 20 percent emergent or submerged hydrilla of Aquatic Plant Management, plus numerous stands of
beneficial bulrush, shrimp and eelgrass.

Feeding into the Kissimmee chain via Weohyakapka Creek and Lake Rosalie, Walk-In-Water’s major feeder stream is Tiger
Creek located at the lake’s southeast corner. Flippers relish the dense, offshore, isolated reed patches, while those working for hydrilla beds near the lake’s center often enjoy spectacular success with buzz baits, topwater plugs, spinnerbaits, lipped diving lures and four to six-inch plastic worms rigged Texas or Carolina style.

Lake Walk-In-Water certainly has its share of 10-pound and above bass. However, most bass caught will vary from two to four pounds, with a liberal number of five to seven pounders mixed in for good measure. A particularly pleasing bonus for those fishing here is the impressive number and size of chain pickerel. One Florida writer who recently
fished Lake Walk-In-Water with a pair of tournament competitors said his trio “accumulated more chain pickerel in one day than I’ve ever seen.”

Other pluses include copious and healthy black crappie, bluegill, shell cracker, and catfish. The roster of forage fish encompasses the shiner, shad, killifish, silversides and glass minnows. Grass shrimp and eels also contribute to a varied gamefish menu.

Those who enjoy wildlife frequently see eagles and ospreys, plus a wide variety of wading birds, alligators and, if lucky, a deer or wild turkey grazing onshore.

Detailed Information on Lake Walk in Water:

There are two launching ramps onto Lake Walk-In-Water. One is a private ramp located at Uncle Joe’s Fish Camp, while the county park launching ramp is in good condition, parking spaces are limited.

Because the lake historically has enjoyed relative anonymity, Walk-In-Water is currently unpressured. But, as word spreads through bass fishing circles, look for increased visitation. Fishing in the lake is outstanding and if we’ll all treat it with care and respect, Lake Walk-In-Water could and should be an angler favorite for decades, say FWC officials.

The best time to fish Walk-In-Water is February, March, April, and May if you are looking for just BIG FISH!

Central Florida offers not only Lake Toho which is the most popular lake of the Kissimmee Chain but the fame Stick Marsh – Farm13 fishery as well as the trophy bass lake Walk in Water.

As Central Florida fishing guides we cover the entire Central and South Florida area and when it comes to fishing, no one does like us. We have the credentials and creditability to back it up. Don’t be fooled by some imposture with a saltwater boat, claiming to be a bass fisherman. You know the difference, don’t be sold short!

Your vacation and fishing trip are much too important to be left to chance and they shouldn’t be. Whether your visit in Central Florida is a vacation or business trip it is a “once in a lifetime” event, or you are an “old pro”, either way, make sure you rely on a guide service that is qualified to meet your needs puts your success as a priority. The success of your trip is measured by the memories and pictures you carry home with you, not the money you pay your guide. We know our success revolves around your happiness, is the heart of our business and we will care for you accordingly.

Lake Walk in Water

We also have a full photo album and testimonials of the fish caught by our customers. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, click here to book your Florida guides, or get detailed trip information. For directions to Lake Walk in Water or a list of accommodations click the link.

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