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Florida Peacock Bass Fly Fishing Trips

  Want to go Peacock bass fly fishing while you are in Florida? Our Pro guide services will gladly take you Peacock bass fly fishing to any of our fishing destinations. Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass and/or Miami Peacock bass in Florida’s freshwater lakes and canals can and will be the ultimate fishing experience.

Peacock Bass Fly Fishing in Florida

Peacock Bass Fly Fishing in Florida

If you bring your own fly rods, which we recommend. We suggest a 5 or 6 weight for peacock bass, depending on exactly what we are after and what location it may be useful to have either. If you like to tie your own flies; like most fly fits of anger, then bring them to try. Give us a call and let us know what you are after, size, numbers or both and we will recommend what type of flies to bring. When Florida Peacock bass fly fishing there is no room for below average gear here, good reels, good quality lines, and fast action rods are a must. Hooks need to be sharp to penetrate quickly and without polaroid, glasses spotting these colorful fish as they attack is damn near impossible.

Peacock Bass fly fishing has become one of the most exciting and challenging ways to catch them in recent years. The thrill that comes from catching a Peacock Bass that explodes on your popper or streamer using a 5 weight rod and rip’s across the top of the water, jumping into the air and ripping more line it is a experienced to be believed. Yet, this occurs often for Peacock bass in the secluded lakes, canals, and lagoons of Miami and South Florida.

peacock fishing fly fishing

Peacock Fishing Fly Fishing

The Peacock bass will challenge the skills and the equipment of every angler. From the feisty Florida peacock bass which can weigh up to10 pounds, every strike raises the possibility of a new world record. At the end of each day, both you and your tackle have to be tested and rested for the next expedition.

Many fishermen plan on a one-time “trip of a lifetime” to the Amazon and later realize it’s much easier and cheaper to keep returning each year to Florida for the experience the pristine beauty right here in the USA. Cooler weather means slower action to most anglers, but Peacock bass fly fishing anglers this means strip, strip and strip faster as the Peacock just can’t refuse a fast-moving fly.

Although fishing in Urban Miami areas can produce really well all year long, there are some places better than others. Our knowledge offers an unlimited array of locations and targets in the most beautiful area in South Florida. Most trips are based in the Miami areas while other locations are less than an hour from Miami and only an hour are so from Naples. Fish for Oscars, Mayan cichlid, Bluegill, Snook and Tarpon in the beautiful surroundings of urban South Florida.

Schedule two or three-day adventures with us in several different areas or check out our all-inclusive Peacock bass fly fishing packages. Contact Us today and reserve your fly fishing trip in Florida with us. Be sure to let us know you want this option so we can help you plan a great fly fishing adventure with us.

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