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Palm Beach Bass Fishing on the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes

Palm Beach Bass Fishing on the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes

Palm Beach Bass Fishing

Palm Beach Bass Fishing

South Florida is filled with amazing fishing destinations to catch Florida Bass. Enjoy a Palm Beach Bass Fishing trip next time you are here to visit.

I had the pleasure of fishing with the Johnson Family. They love to bass fish and have been out on the water with us before. Lake Ida Chain of Lakes has had them hooked since the last time they fished it.

One of the best things you can do is enjoy Florida in the outdoors catching fish with your family. It was an action packed day and they were excited and truly loved this trip.

The Johnson Family put a hurting on the bass here in Palm Beach. They caught 40 largemouth bass and 20 peacock bass. You can’t ask for better action this time of year.

Madeline caught a beautiful peacock bass weighing 5.3 pounds. It is moments and fish like this that really create memories that will last a lifetime.

They are already planning another trip for next year. Give us a call here and we will hook you up on a trip worth fishing. Don’t miss out on this amazing time of year.

Come Catch Yours with Captain Wayne Fellows on Lake Ida.

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