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Lake Toho Family Fishing Trip

Joe Breadmore 4.13.13 john L. (2)Joe Breadmore 4.13.13 john L.Joe Breadmore 4.13.13 john L. (4)

We just arrived back home, and during the ride back my wife and I asked the two kids, what they enjoyed best about our Florida trip? Even with the amusement parks, Sea World, and Gator land the first thing out of our boys mouth was the fishing trip with Mr.John Leech. It was the greatest fishing experience we ever had.  Mr.Leech was awesome he explained everything from the birds to the types of fish we were catching. So it also turned out to be educational for my two sons as well. All in all we caught over 35 bass, in total my 13yr. old caught a 24 in, 10lb bass and my 11yr. old caught 18in, 9lb bass. The look on my sons faces alone, was worth it for me and now we will return hopefully next year for a 3 day fishing trip with Capt. John Leech.

Thank you,
Joe Breadmore and Family for a wonderful day of fishing
P.S fishing will not be the same here in Mass after a day like we had in FLORIDA!!!!!!!!

and thank you Capt. John Leech we will see YOU again !!!!

Ken and Peggy fish Lake Okeechobee


Ken and Peggy are great anglers from New Hampshire. They are great folks and I really enjoyed taking them out bass fishing. It was great to be a part of their trip and they can’t wait till next year for more adventures on the Big O. Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From Staff Writer Capt. Mark Shepard ken and peggy 3.22 mark s.

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